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Ottawa based photographer, focusing on street, fashion, portrait, documentary and event photography.

Regularly commissioned to shoot for media events, magazines and fashion shows.   

Collaborations welcome.

Photography became a great excuse to better observe the world around me and to make my experiences more intense.

My main interest is on people and their stories. I'm also very interested in communicating the mood, the atmosphere of the places where I photograph.

I often find my subjects by chance.

My ultimate goal as a photographer is to create the kinds of images which combine a strong sense of story and convey what it felt like to be with the people I met in the places I visited. 


I have always enjoyed photography, but as family and work took priority there was an extended hiatus of many years.

Then about ten years ago I decided once again to pursue my interest in capturing moments with photos. Since then I have found it to be a wonderful creative outlet.